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you may find my past path on the Microsoft MVP site


no plan, due to COVID.


2018.Mar. Microsoft Global MVP Summit Pre-day Speaker 

2018.Jan. TechPodcastNight 12 – Build a Linebot with Azure Cognitives API
2018.Jan. Study4Love – Develop Computer Vision Applications on Azure

2017.Dec. Coding Angels – Machine Learning Bootcamp
2017.Nov. ITRI Training – Computer Vision Applications Case Study
2017.Nov. ITRI Training – Deep Learning and Auto Encoder
2017.Nov. APAC MCC – 7 tips for international technical sharing, Seoul, South Korea
2017.Aug-Oct. digi+ Talent – 12 Classes to Become a Data Scientist Lecturer
2017.Oct. TechPodcastNight – OpenCV, see the world with your computer
2017.Sep. Microsoft Exam 70-475 Training, New Zealand, Auckland
2017.Aug. R-Ladies – Play Kaggle with R
2017.Aug. Microsoft MSP Training Lecturer
2017.Aug. Tech Podcast Night – Make Analysis Easier with EDA
2017.Jul. NTUhackathon 2017 Mentor
2017.Jul. twMVC Machine Learning with Movie Recommendation

2017.Jun. iTHome Cloud Summit 2017 – Azure Machine Learning Workshop
2017.Jun. Kaggle Competition warmup – Azure Machine Learning Workshop
2017.Apr. R-Ladies Lisbon – Meeting R in Azure Machine Learning
2017.Mar. R-Ladies Berlin – Hands-on data visualization with ggplot2
2017.Mar. Azure Meetup Berlin – Improve your model with Azure ML
2017.Mar. R-Ladies Taipei – Azure ML with Feature Engineering
2017.Jan. Azure Taiwan – Azure Stream Analytics with Power BI

2016.Dec. TWMVC – Your First Class For Data Visualization
2016.Dec. Microsoft Taiwan – Azure Data Service
2016.Dec. Microsoft HK – Bigger than Big Data
2016.Dec. NTU X HackNTU – Data Visualization with R
2016.Dec. Azure Taiwan – Azure Machine Learning with PowerBI


2016.Oct. iiNumbers – B2C – Deep Learning Training
2016.Aug. iiNumbers – B2B – RBasic Training
2016.Aug. iiNumbers – B2B – BeATrader R Training
2016.May. NTUST X Student Entrepreneurship Program
2016.Mar. NTUST X Startup Salad

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